Previewing ‘The City in the Middle of the Night’

The City in the Middle of the Night reveals a plethora of conversations about human society and the problems our cultures can’t seem to run away from. Anders paints a vivid picture of the relations of rich vs poor, of the unfairness of a society centered on controlling its citizens, and of the demonization of an…

There Before the Chaos: Political Sci-Fi At Its Best

There Before the Chaos epitomizes the space opera genre, weaving a complex universe with a powerful protagonist and a story that utilizes political intrigue, space travel, and a strong history. The novel is an extension of an existing universe, but it stands mightily on its own. Wagers is an expert at dialogue and discourse, taking you…

Apocalypse Nyx: A Powerful, Conflicted Heroine

Apocalypse Nyx takes us into the world of Hurley’s Bel Dame Apocrypha series, giving us glimpses of the hardened, masterful character across five equally impressive novellas. Though I haven’t read the original trilogy, I feel like this is a great introduction to Nyx. Each story is filled with fight scenes, puzzles, and the dynamics of a…

The Razor: Action-Packed & Adrenalin-Fueled

The Razor is a genre-bending action adventure turned thriller turned horror that keeps you glued to your seat with its use of multiple narratives, a harsh setting, and a story that never gets dull. If you’re looking for an action-packed thriller with unexpected plot twists and strong writing, this is it.

Review: All Systems Red, The Murderbot Diaries

ALL SYSTEMS RED: THE MURDERBOT DIARIES Martha Wells Tor, 2017 QUICK SUMMARY Indifferent robot gone rogue. A team stranded with an unknown enemy. Search and report. Murderous robots and a huge helping of conspiracy. WHY I LOVED IT The Protagonist Holy hell, this protagonist is one of my FAVORITE robots. Hands down. And I love robots….