There Before the Chaos: Political Sci-Fi At Its Best

There Before the Chaos epitomizes the space opera genre, weaving a complex universe with a powerful protagonist and a story that utilizes political intrigue, space travel, and a strong history. The novel is an extension of an existing universe, but it stands mightily on its own. Wagers is an expert at dialogue and discourse, taking you…

Bloody Rose: Monsters, Mayhem & Rockstars

Bloody Rose is the most fun I’ve had all year. It’s a great equation. Take a well-done fantasy novel filled with monsters, battles, and arena brawls, add in a band of rock star warriors that are worshipped throughout the land and you’ve got Bloody Rose. Everyone from the group brings something different to the table, whether…

Previewing ‘A Memory Called Empire’

I’m super excited to get into A Memory Called Empire. I was able to preview the first few chapters (thanks NetGalley!) and it’s all of the following and so much more:

The Razor: Action-Packed & Adrenalin-Fueled

The Razor is a genre-bending action adventure turned thriller turned horror that keeps you glued to your seat with its use of multiple narratives, a harsh setting, and a story that never gets dull. If you’re looking for an action-packed thriller with unexpected plot twists and strong writing, this is it.