Comics of the Week: Vampires, Religion, and Car Chases

This week’s featured comics include a strange religion in a materialistic future, a high-speed chase through a dystopian wasteland, and a vampire stuck in middle America. It’s definitely a wide variety of interests!

Comics of the Week: A Legend, A King, A Superhero

I’m about a month into my ‘Comics of the Week’ series and I have to say: I absolutely love comics! There are so many awesome new series coming out weekly. I’m a completionist when it comes to reading, so starting at the beginning of new series every week is especially epic for me. This week’s…

Comics of the Week: Robots, Death, & Zombies

This week’s featured comics include the science of robotics, Appalachian zombies, and a beautiful depiction of life after death. These are the issues we loved this week, and the starts of series we can’t wait to follow. Check them out!