‘Dream Daddy’ Review: An Entertaining Comic Book Approach

The Dream Daddy comics are extremely entertaining, expanding the stories of this group of dads from the wildly popular online game. The series takes every day suburban life situations and gives them a dramatic flair. We see a college reunion, a close call with a vampire, a competitive science fair, a coffee shop on the verge of closing, and a group D&D session. Through it all, we get to know these characters better, watching them interact with their kids and each other. It’s incredibly fun, sweet, and steamy at times. 

I was surprised to see multiple art styles at work. I was expecting everything to look like the game. Instead, the artists were given free rein to draw in their own styles, giving us a unique set of comics where each issue stands on its own. It’s a really interesting approach. 

The final issue is a brilliant premise. We see the dads participating in a roleplaying game, trying to fight their way through a particularly difficult dungeon. Most of them are new to RPGs and it’s hilarious to watch them fight through enemies and show off for each other. I never would have imagined these characters in a D&D setting, so bravo to the writers and artists for their originality. 

NOTE: I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Comic Book

By Leighton Gray, Vernon Shaw
Oni Press

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