Shorts of the Week: Venus, Space, & the Sea

The shorts of the week include a harrowing mission high above the surface of Venus, an astronaut’s final days floating in space, an unlikely romance by the sea, and a life story told through flavors. Check out all of the reviews below!

A Place to Stand On

Written by Marie Vibbert
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
January/February 2019

A Place to Stand On is an action-adventure sci-fi story set on Venus, high above the tumultuous landscape of the deadly planet. We see a climber intent on fixing a hole in and inflatable city slowing coming together far above the surface. As the balloons sink, the weather becomes more unstable, threatening Hortensia and her fellow crew mates.

When Home, No Need to Cry

Written by Erin K. Wagner
Clarkesworld Magazine
March 2019

When Home, No Need to Cry shows the aftermath of years spent in space amidst the unfiltered radiation. We see an astronaut who is dying slowly from cancer, desperate to return to the only place that feels like home. She struggles to find meaning on Earth, bitter at what her job has cost her, but also at how much she misses being amidst the stars.

On the Lonely Shore

Written by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Uncanny Magazine
March/April 2019

On the Lonely Shore is a fantasy tale that feels like it’s been pulled from a Jane Austen landscape, complete with a distant house, many walks by the seashore, and a sickly young man who harbors a secret future. Their daily routine is unburdened by work or worries of any kind, save for the sickness that comes and goes in the young man.

The Flavors of Sorrow

Written by Thomas K. Carpenter
Galaxy’s Edge
January 2019

The Flavors of Sorrow examines the tragedy of a life filled with regrets, and the clarity brought on by sudden reminders of your most important memories. This is a fascinating science fiction tale centered on the magic of food and its ability to return one vividly to past memories.

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