Shorts of the Week: Other Worlds and Evil Fairies

The shorts of the week include the start of a war on a foreign world, a mysterious disappearance, a woman escaping an evil Fae lover, and a future ravaged by winter. Check out all of the reviews below!

Dreams Strung like Pearls Between War and Peace

Written by Nin Harris
Clarkesworld Magazine
March 2019

Dreams Strung like Pearls Between War and Peace is the story of a woman confused by her uneven memories, reluctant to embrace the revolution taking place on the fringes of her society. Central to the story is a fear she will be lumped in with her family’s actions of the past. This dissipates as she learns of the actions taken against her for years. It’s an anxious thought, imagining an alien race taking over and wiping your mind in order to use you against your friends and allies.


Written by Diana Peterfreund
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
March/April 2019

Playscape follows the tragedy of a mother who has lost her child at a public park and the ensuing evolution of the case against her. We follow from the perspective of another mother who knew her. Opinions continue to evolve from sympathy to blaming the mother to personalizing the tragedy. The child has disappeared without a trace in a park with few trees and many people present. While it seems like a murder mystery from the start, it becomes something else entirely by the end. A comment from the protagonist’s child sets off chilling thoughts.

Cold Iron Comfort

Written by Hayley Stone
Apex Magazine
February 2019

Cold Iron Comfort is the story of a woman entranced by a Fae who becomes abusive in their relationship until she finally escapes. We see her journey as an abuse survivor, becoming more sure of herself as she finds a friend and begins to believe she deserves a life without this evil being. Complications are natural given the Fae ability to easily travel between worlds and use magic to control humans. She finds her way out of his life for good with the help of her friend and begins anew.

Walking in a Winter Wasteland

Written by Brennan Harvey
Galaxy’s Edge
March 2019

Walking in a Winter Wasteland shows an Earth ravaged by winter and a man living his every day life, trying to recover from the death of his daughter and wife. Everyone lives in geodesic domes scattered around the country. Frostbite is the worst thing that can happen in this world where the balmiest day is still well below freezing.

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