‘Walking in a Winter Wasteland’ Short Review

Walking in a Winter Wasteland shows an Earth ravaged by winter and a man living his every day life, trying to recover from the death of his daughter and wife. Everyone lives in geodesic domes scattered around the country. Frostbite is the worst thing that can happen in this world where the balmiest day is still well below freezing.

The story takes a turn from environmental sci-fi to thriller when his daughter shows up, frostbitten and alive outside the dome. Is she a zombie? Is she a clone? How did she get here? Any number of possibilities run through your head as you see this crazed man trying to discover why his daughter four years dead is suddenly alive in their medbay. The answer is far more plausible as we discover a secret facility not far from their home.

Walking in a Winter Wasteland is an interesting day-in-the-life tale that quickly becomes something more. The author leaves you questioning everything until the end when all is finally revealed. It creates a great thrill as you wonder what could be going on in this future world where things have taken a turn for the worse.

Walking in a Winter Wasteland

Written by Brennan Harvey
Galaxy’s Edge
March 2019

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