Weekly Yaasss: String City, Alice Payne Rides, & More

We had another heavy science fiction week, with a fantasy novel from one of the greats thrown in! This week’s reads featured an alternate reality that defies explanation, a future without the internet, a fight to defeat ghostly forces, and an epic story of time travel. Check out all of the reviews below and buy your copies today!

String City

By Graham Edwards

String City is bursting at the seams with an originality that left me in awe of the author’s ability to fit so much into one novel. This is a well-crafted, fast-paced detective story, filled with science fiction and fantasy elements. It’s as though everything from the speculative genres converges in this singularly unique place.

Infinite Detail

By Tim Maughan
MCD x FSG Originals

Infinite Detail is a reminder of what it means to be human without the distractions of technology or the constant advertisements swirling around our lives at any given time. It’s a before and after tale, detailing the lives of multiple characters who want to see the end of a hyper-surveillance world, but don’t understand the consequences.

That Ain't Witchcraft

By Seanan McGuire

That Ain’t Witchcraft is a fantastic fantasy adventure filled with supervillains, ghosts, and non-human entities aplenty. From the start, it’s hard to put down, flying a mile-a-minute toward magical forces that want to kill our protagonist and her team of misfits. As always, McGuire delivers a thrilling story filled with everything you could want from a fantasy novel. 

Alice Payne Rides

By Kate Heartfield
Published by Tor.com

Alice Payne Rides returns us to a world of time travel, filled with daring missions and elaborate plots to keep the world running. This sequel to Alice Payne Arrives adds a new and welcome complexity to the many storylines Alice finds herself in. The race is on to prevent the erasure of a key character from the future, and to keep certain events from the 11th century on track. It’s always fascinating to follow the path of a time traveler and now that we have a group of four, the journey is even more exciting.

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