‘Petra and the Blue Goo’ Short Review

Petra and the Blue Goo is a look at what happens when alien cultures are pitted against each other to compete in a scavenger hunt with questionable rules. We see a librarian intent on saving her books who doesn’t trust any of the alien species to respect the sanctity of her historical objects. The story is a big comedy of errors, with enemies trying to steal the library’s books from their designated shelves. It’s a fun story about interacting with other species and can also be seen as a guide on how not to cordially communicate with aliens. 

I loved that the story felt so high-stakes, almost like an Indiana Jones-type mission to save the books from dirty hands. She flies through the library, encountering multiple foes, racing toward a distant alarm, and ultimately shutting the building down. She takes her job as seriously as possible, willing to risk even that to save her precious books. This is a classic tale of miscommunication where nobody involved handled the situation well.

Overall, Petra and the Blue Goo is a funny diversion, giving us a high stakes scavenger hunt and the chance to met a few new alien species. Hopefully humanity will react better to our alien brethren when that time inevitably comes. 

Petra and the Blue Goo

Written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Galaxy’s Edge
March/April 2019


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