Weekly Yaasss: Fleet of Knives, Polaris Rising, & More

The theme of this week was space, space, space — and a little bit of alternate reality. This week, we got to experience two wars, loads of space opera drama, an alternate reality of New York City, and the true history of human space travel. Check out all of the reviews below!

Fleet of Knives

By Gareth L. Powell
Published by Titan Books

Fleet of Knives is brimming with everything that makes a space opera epic—fast-paced chases through space, unseen enemies bursting from the pages unexpectedly, deep characters who struggle with their high-stakes lives, and a galaxy-scale setting. All together, it makes for an exciting, no-holds-barred ride through space.

Polaris Rising

By Jessie Mihalik
Published by Harper Voyager

Polaris Rising grabs hold of your attention and never lets go as it flies through dangerous missions, near death experiences, and steamy encounters. You’ll be immediately addicted to the fast-paced storytelling mixed with a character who is always one step ahead of the game. I couldn’t put it down.

Space 2.0

By Rod Pyle
Published by BenBella Books

Space 2.0 is an all-encompassing look at mankind’s race to space. The writing is accessible and includes everything you could want to know about rockets, space travel, and our future amidst the stars. It feels like a well-done textbook, accented with illustrations, historical photography, and artist renderings of imaginative futures.

Famous Men Who Never Lived

By K. Chess
Published by Tin House Books

Famous Men Who Never Lived is a strikingly unique tale of alternate realities and the struggle to cope with losing your ties to the place you call home. It’s a character piece filled with emotional depth that rings true on every page. Chess has shown us the human side of technological advancement and how a life saved can alternatively become an identity lost. 

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