‘A Song for Persephone’ Short Review

A Song for Persephone tells the story of a siren struggling to continue in her duties in modern times. It’s strange to imagine a siren trying to beckon a modern day yacht or cruise ship toward a rocky shore, and that gives the story an equally strange quality that really works. Greek gods and myths are typically relics of ancient times and placing them in today’s world creates an interesting juxtaposition. You wouldn’t expect to see a siren trying desperately to sing at an airplane, hoping it will crash on her shores.

We’re presented with a difficult moral as we watch this siren try desperately to save her mistress by making a deal with the devil. She’s terrified of the monster he is and, in succeeding with her side of the bargain, she becomes more of a monster to her mistress than he’s ever been.

Overall, A Song for Persephone is a solid bit of writing that masterfully adapts an ancient story.

A Song for Persephone

Written by Dan Koboldt
Galaxy’s Edge
January/February 2019


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