Tuesday New Releases: The Raven Tower, No Way, & More

Check out these new releases, including Ann Leckie’s newest novel and a thrilling sequel to one of 2018’s biggest hits. Every day is science fiction/fantasy reading day!

- February 26th -

The Raven Tower

By Ann Leckie 
Published by Orbit Books

The Raven Tower is a slow burn of a story, building progressively deeper until you’re entranced by the many layers of history and plot, all converging on an epic reveal worthy of this nation of gods.

No Way

By S.J. Morden
Published by Orbit Books

No Way is a fitting sequel to One Way, taking us further into the drama of Frank and his time on Mars. Morden’s mastery of hard science and the science-fiction thriller gives us a well-done addition to both genres.

Space 2.0

By Rod Pyle
Published by BenBella Books

Tor.com Bundle

Includes 5 Novellas
Published by Tor.com

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