Weekly Yaasss: Music, Magic & Thrilling Mars

This week’s reads were as varied as they were epic. I’d love to hear what everyone else is reading—this has been a great year so far for new releases! This week, we got to experience:

  • world domination by rock music…
  • an epic fantasy filled with magic and a puzzle of complex storylines…
  • a hard science thriller on Mars…
  • a dystopian future set within a walled country…
  • and an extremely unique, ghost-filled fantasy examining the American dream.

Check out all of the reviews below!

Your Favorite Band 
Cannot Save You

By Scotto Moore
Published by Tor.com

Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You is one of the tripiest things you’ll ever read. You’ll be laughing and saying ‘what the hell is going on’ until the very end and even then, on the final page, you’ll be baffled by the pure originality pumped into this short novella.

The Women's War

By Jenna Glass
Published by Del Rey

The Women’s War is a brilliantly executed feminist fantasy novel featuring complex storylines and a progression of deeply imagined characters. The puzzle comes together slowly and at the end, we’re met with a magic that is powerful beyond the world’s wildest dreams and a new provincial force run by the most powerful woman of them all. This is sure to be an epic series and I look forward to following along. 

No Way

By S.J. Morden
Published by Orbit Books

No Way is a fitting sequel to One Way, taking us further into the drama of Frank and his time on Mars. Morden’s mastery of hard science and the science-fiction thriller gives us a well-done addition to both genres. You’ll continue your fascination with Mars and, at the same time, shudder at the discoveries lurking around every corner.

The Wall

By John Lanchester
W. W. Norton & Company

The Wall brings the worst of humanity to light, giving us a glimpse of a dystopian future where one country stands strong in spite of global collapse. Through strong writing and a deeply personal narrative, Lanchester foretells what can become of the world if we forget compassion and live firmly within fear and hatred.

Break the Bodies, 
Haunt the Bones

By Micah Dean Hicks
Published by John Joseph Adams/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Break the Bodies, Haunt the Bones is a beautifully complex fantasy novel filled with the souls of generations lost to the American landscape of broken dreams. The writing transfixes at every turn, leaving you in a daze, wondering how many ghosts each of us carries around day in and day out.

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