January 2019 Favorite Reads: Goblins, Futures & A Beast

January was a fantasy-filled month for me. I’m still pretty new to the fantasy genre and I’m loving the books I’ve been reading! This month’s favorite reads include a sequel from a grade-A storyteller, a collection of shorts from the best of the best, a mesmerizing fantasy debut, and a fun, danger-filled adventure. You’ll have to wait a few days to read two of them, but it’s totally worth it. Enjoy!

NOTES: I received these books for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest feedback. I only publish reviews of books I enjoy, and all of these books fit that criteria. Reviews & Robots has an affiliate relationship with the Amazon Associates program and may be compensated for sales related to the Amazon links enclosed in this article.

The Outlaw &
the Upstart King

By Rod Duncan
Angry Robot

The Outlaw & the Upstart King reunites readers with Elizabeth Barnaby and the world of the Gas-Lit Empire. Duncan is a grade-A storyteller, taking us deeper into this fascinating world with strong characters, a darker villain, and twists at every turn. It’s a fitting sequel to The Queen of All Crows, and will leave you eager to discover the fate of our favorite trickster-turned-pirate-turned-escape artist.

A People's Future of
the United States

Ed. by Victor LaValle & 
John Joseph Adams
One World

A People’s Future of the United States gives a glimpse of 25 different futures. The extremely talented cast of writers covers the most pressing topics of our day, looking at women’s rights, racism, homophobia, climate change, robot–human relations, and so much more. Pick it up, devour it, and don’t forget that we still have a chance to avoid these futures.

White Stag

By Kara Barbieri
Wednesday Books

White Stag is that rare book that sweeps you up in its story, forcing you to cast aside all commitments until you’ve devoured every last page. The setting is chilling and exhilarating, throwing monsters and mayhem at our protagonist, Janeke. She is a hero to be admired, a woman whose power is beyond measure. We’re left with a story that demands to be held to the light, examined from every angle, and cherished for the masterful storytelling it embodies.

The Beast of
Nightfall Lodge

By S.A. Sidor
Angry Robot

The Beast of Nightfall Lodge is some of the most fun you’ll have this winter. Filled with adventure and danger, murder and mayhem, it’s a wonderful fantasy novel that inches you closer and closer to a monster you grow to fear. I heard great things about Sidor’s first book, Fury From the Tomb, and this second book in the series lives up to that hype. 


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