Thanksgiving: A Shorts Review

Thanksgiving is the kind of story that pulls you in ever so slowly until it smacks you in the head with a plot twist that both delights and baffles. It’s a story much in line with Brazil, creating this weird reality where things that shouldn’t be possible are completely normal, where the fantastical is just another day at the beach. Ford’s writing style is accessible and well-crafted, painting a picture with relatable characters who mirror all of us. That’s what makes the conclusion startling, to realize that you too could find yourself in a situation where people aren’t what they seem, and where reality is revealed to be hung on a precarious nail behind a door you didn’t know existed.


by Jeffrey Ford
November/December 2018 Issue, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Spoilers moving forward, so beware! My favorite part of the story was, of course, the ominous Uncle Jake character who randomly appears like a demon summoned once a year for a feast. He doesn’t make sense as a person, and he comes from a street that doesn’t exist, wearing a suit that never changes. We don’t know where he comes from or who he is, yet he is always present. You’ll have to read it to reach the startling conclusion of his story. We’re left with a warped concept of our reality that forces us to examine who our world revolves around, and who might be pulling the strings in our life stories. It’s a deeply thought-provoking piece, which makes it infinitely fun to read.

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