Checking in on October (A Solid Go of It)

It’s time to check-in on my hopeful October reading list. As a list obsessed person, it’s super easy to create a goal and just skate on past it in hopes of making another list. I think I did pretty well this month! There were a couple of unexpected additions but never fear, I have 60-odd days left in the year to get everything read.

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The 'I Actually Read These & Am Amazed I Succeeded' List

  1. Mecha Samurai Empire, by Peter Tieryas – DONE
  2. The Book of Dog, by Lark Benobi – DONE
  3. Irontown Blues, by John Varley – DONE
  4. Battlestar Suburbia, by Chris McCrudden – DONE
  5. Exit Strategy: The Murderbot Diaries, by Martha Wells – DONE
  6. Time’s Children, by D.B. Jackson – DONE
  7. Red Moon, by Kim Stanley Robinson – DONE

The 'Got Unexpectedly Added to the List' List

  1. In the Vanishers’ Palace, by Aliette de Bodard – DONE
  2. Thin Air, by Richard K. Morgan – DONE

The 'Why Didn't You Read These, Add Them To November' List

  1. Space Unicorn Blues, by T.J. Berry
  2. Implanted, by Lauren C. Teffeau
  3. Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe, by Alex White

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