Weekly Yaasss: Upcoming Reads and Outer Space

The Weekly Yaasss is a round-up of everything Reviews & Robots, and beyond! Get up to date on last week’s articles, find a few yaasss-worthy things in sci-fi for the week, and check out the upcoming books I’m adding to my reading list.


October’s Reviews
Books I Can’t Wait to Read
  • Murderbot is BACK! I’m saddened by the fact that this is the final novella in the original series, but it’s epic, and I’m looking forward to finishing it. I’ll have a review up next week. Get it here.
  • I’ve waited and waited to get started on a few books that sound amazing — and they’re all from Angry Robot. My goal is to read and review all of them this month. We’ll see if I can live up to my words:
Sci-Fi Related Articles That Caught My Eye

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