My First Foray into ‘Predator’

I wanted to be wowed by the most recent Predator movie. “It’s space aliens and epic battles for the survival of humanity!” I said to myself. “Arnold was in the first one, so they must be good,” I further clarified. Upon seeing The Predator, there were things I enjoyed and other things I want answers on.


The “That Was Futuristic” Stuff

I wanted this to be a super high-tech movie, filled with alien gadgets and technologies. I think I was expecting something like the second Independence Day with a bunch of ships and a look into alien technology. There were moments of space tech for sure, but they were overshadowed by the endless violent deaths and constant running.

The alien tech consisted primarily of methods of communication and weapons. Somehow, the young boy figures out how to work their tech and opens a holographic communication system with a new language he is able to read and manipulate. Don’t ask me how.

In terms of weapons, you’ve got the reactionary helmet that defends itself, the gauntlet that shoots a grappling hook at enemies, and the various incendiary devices being thrown around. They seem like standard action movie stuff with a sci-fi twist.

There’s also the spaceship, which is your typical spaceship, and not much time is spent in there. I did see a unique take on force fields, showing the possibility of a force field cutting someone in half who is standing on the ship when it activates. That thought had never crossed my mind, so that was a new one.

The “Questions Unanswered” Stuff 

The invisibility technology is unexplained and I’d love to know the rationale for being able to touch a tiny orb and instantly become invisible. Using a cloaking device on the ship is fine, but on a person? It’s hard to believe. I know that’s a central part of the earlier movies, adding to the fear element as the monster runs around invisible. But still, I’d like answers.

I also want to know more about this race of predators. Why aren’t there more of them? Why do they come one or two at a time every few years? Seems like if we’ve been taking them out in five different movies, they’d send larger numbers to demolish us. Furthermore, why are there two movies pitting Aliens against Predators? Does that actually make sense?

Also, how does their space travel work? It appears to be ripping a hole in space and not creating a wormhole or traveling by light speed. It typically takes a while to travel a bajillion miles, even if the technology is cool, but here it’s instantaneous.


I understand my naiveté in regards to this franchise. There was an obvious campiness to the film that I assume was pulled from the general feeling of the previous installments. Overall, it felt like an excuse to run around a lot and yell witty one-liners. The movie fell within my expectations but I wanted more space. I’m not sure why I had that expectation.

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

Author: Jacob Olson

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