Weekly Yaasss: N.K. Jemison, Murderbot & Future News

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August 19-25

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  • The Hugo Awards were on Sunday night and it was historic! There were so many awesome writers all in one place. You’ve got Martha Wells, Rebecca Roanhorse, Uncanny Magazine, Mur Lafferty, and of course, N.K. Jemison. Check out the winners list here.
  • Can we talk about N.K. Jemison’s amazing speech at the Hugo Awards? She received her third Hugo for Best Novel. THIRD. IN A ROW. Anyone who has been following sci-fi on Twitter this week has most likely seen the speech, but it was such an important moment as she talked about inclusivity and succeeding in spite of the people who tried to pull her down. She’s an inspiration. You better believe I’ll have a ‘Catching Up with The Broken Earth’ series of articles coming out in September. If you haven’t seen the speech, watch it here.
  • I read Murderbot and the only negative is that I have to wait until October to see how the series concludes! Such a great character. Martha Wells has created a compelling series that I’m sure will continue well into the future. I’m totally on board for that.
  • I’ve decided that it’s time to read through Philip K. Dick. I don’t just mean one or two. I mean all of them. 44 books to be exact. I’ll be publishing one review per week, starting in September, so get ready to get wild!
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