A Few Takeaways from the 2018 Hugos

It’s my first year watching the Hugo Awards and I have a few takeaways to share:

  1. N.K. Jemisin is a boss. Like really. A total boss. Not only did she win Best Novel this year, but THREE years in a row. Her speech was flawless and caused me to tear up at least twice. Maybe three times. It is a top 10 life embarrassment that I have not read the Broken Earth series and that will be remedied in September.
  2. Martha Wells is a boss. It’s no secret that I love Murderbot. Loved the first book, loved the second, and my ecstatic review of the third comes out this week. It’s such a brilliant character, and one I can’t wait to continue reading.
  3. Uncanny Magazine rocks everyone’s socks off. I love how quirky and fantastic Uncanny Magazine is. Before August is done, I vow to read the dinosaur issue and report back in full.
  4. Rebecca Roanhorse is on the top of the reading list. I’ve had Trail of Lightning on my reading list for awhile. Like all swamped readers trying to keep up with new releases, it got lost amidst the flurry of new books. But no more! I’ll be reading it within the next week and can’t wait to talk about it.
  5. A tear for Ursula K. Le Guin. She was such a visionary, an amazing writer who broke through barriers and gave us astounding worlds. I’m so happy she was awarded a final Hugo award.
  6. This community is so amazing. I’ve always loved science fiction and this is the year that I’ve realized just how wonderful this community is. There are so many worlds to discover, so many characters to meet, and I’m so happy that I have the ability to read, write and discuss all of my favorites.

If you’re looking for a complete list of the winners, read it here. Congratulations to all!

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Author: Jacob Olson

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