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The Weekly Yaasss is a round-up of everything Reviews & Robots, and beyond! Get up to date on last week’s articles, find a few yaasss-worthy things in sci-fi for the week, and check out the upcoming books I’m adding to my reading list.


August 12-18

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So, yeah. About this week. Let’s just say it wasn’t a great one. I didn’t get any books reviewed and only made it through a few short stories. While I admit defeat, it will be short-lived as I already have reviews lined up for next week. Namely, the reviews I said would come out this week. Again, not a banner week.

In case you’re wondering, the featured photo represents the general state of my week. Cloudy with the hope of light on the other side.

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Yaasss Things
  • As I’m sure you know, the Hugo awards are this weekend! I’m excited, mainly because I love reading lists and awards ceremonies are boss. I’m a sucker for a good Academy Awards party, in case you didn’t know. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the picks – so many great writers, artists and creative minds in the running! And this is cool – you can watch the awards live. Click here to set a reminder and watch!
  • The Fated Sky: A Lady Astronaut Novel comes out next Tuesday and I’m SOOOOO EXCITED. Pre-order it now if you haven’t. It sounds like the print run might be out due to it’s overwhelming popularity. No matter what, order it and read it. Mary Robinette Kowal is incomparable.
  • There were not one but TWO new short stories released on Tor.com this week. I’m kind of obsessed with their brilliance tbh, so I’ll probably have a quick post about both of them soon. The first, No Flight Without Shatter, is by the awesome Brooke Bolander. The second, Sweetheart, is by Abbey Mei Otis. Click the titles to read!
  • Clearly I’m behind the times on this one, but it captured my attention nonetheless. Have you read about the Mission to Mars the UAE is gearing up for?! I saw it on a Buzzfeed ad, of all things, and this plan seems legit. I love me some future artwork depicting colonies on Mars. They’re actually creating a city in the desert to study what it would be like to live there. I realize this has been done before, but it’s still just as cool! Read about it here.
  • In the same vein of outdated news I just read about, here’s another awesome project for a space hotel for tourists. It’s cheap (only $9 million!) and sounds like it could keep expanding. Read about it here.
  • There’s a great article on sci-fi movies in 2018 over at Popular Mechanics. It lists the major releases so far and what’s to come, with trailers and a few details. Yay lists! Read it here.

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