Lost in Space Hits the CARS Sweet Spot

I just finished Lost in Space and I loved it. Obviously, that’s no surprise, as it fits the main criteria I’m looking for in a space show:

  1. Cool settings
  2. Awesome graphics
  3. Robots
  4. Sweet Story

CARS – that’s the ultimate sweet zone for me. Let’s talk about it.

1. Cool Setting

There was some great world-building here, both on Earth and on the rando planet they accidentally land on. On Earth, you’ve got a lot of the same stuff going on, including wars, environmental disasters, etc. Throw in the ability to travel to a space colony a bajillion miles away, and you’ve got this new version of Earth.

The planet they landed on had to be interesting enough to last through 10 episodes and it definitely was. You’ve got all of the regular system – ice, forest, mountains, creepy caves filled with poo. Then you’ve got the creatures. Blind pterodactyl things that eat everything, little beetles that look like rocks, snakes that eat methane fuel, and a few other choice predators and bugs. It was all done very well, especially because of the…

2. Awesome Graphics

This one is a given, especially in a modern space show. I know, the shows of the past with handheld tiny ships being thrown into each other was very cool. It was. But if it’s new, I want graphics that wow. I want to feel like I’m flying through space, like it’s completely real. The show definitely delivered and I don’t want to know what the per-episode budget was. Speaking of expensive graphics….

3. Robots

This is a big yaasss and the main reason I wanted to watch the show. Obviously, we’ve all heard “Danger, Will Robinson” seven million times in our lives. If not, you either weren’t alive to see the original Lost in Space series, or you didn’t sit in the front row to see the movie remake in the 90s. It was a fascinating machine, and able to get across so many of the show’s touching moments without saying anything other than its signature line. Which leads to my final criterion…

4. Sweet Story

There’s so much in this story to relate to. You’ve got the family story as they try to survive, physically and emotionally. The dynamic between the robot and Will, their story progressing until its touching end. Colonists covering their own asses, trying to survive, and they somehow have to work together to get off this planet set on a doom course. There are a bunch of little snafus along the way, adding conflict where necessary. And, there’s a ‘whaaaaaaaaat’ finish that promises a sequel that’s just as interesting.

So there you have it. Watch Lost in Space and I promise it’ll fit the very official CARS criteria.

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Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

Author: Jacob Olson

Writing about science fiction and fantasy at ReviewsandRobots.com! I write reviews on novels, short stories, television, movies, etc. and throw in a few articles and thoughts as well.