Weekly Yaasss: July 22-28

A round-up of everything Reviews & Robots, and beyond! Get up to date on last week’s articles, find a few yaasss-worthy things in sci-fi for the week, and check out the upcoming books I’m adding to my reading list.

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Yaasss Things

  • First off, I’m planning on adding a short 20-minute podcast to Reviews & Robots each week where I talk, unfettered by the written word, about my weekly obsessions and the books I’ve flown through! I hope you’ll check it out – first episode will be live next Friday.
  • Can I just talk for a second about how much I love everything that comes out of Tor.com? I’m strongly considering doing nothing but reading every one of their awesome novellas. If you haven’t spent a bunch of time reading about all of their novellas like I have, read more here.
  • Charlie Jane Anders just announced an upcoming book in 2019 and I’m SOOOO EXCITED! Read more about it here.
  • Hugo voting is due soon and I must admit that I’ve failed quite a bit. Silly me, I imagined I could read the 50 works for the awards and still keep up with my four book-a-week review schedule. Obviously, since I don’t have a time-turner, that didn’t happen. But hey, it’s fun to see how the process works so I can be ready for next year, right?!
  • I’ll be digging into a bunch of short fiction in the next week to get through the July/August issues of Uncanny, Asimov, Analog and Fantasy & Science Fiction. Expect a bajillion short reviews of short stories.
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  1. I want all of Tor.com’s novellas. I did ask them for a checklist so I could see what they have published in one place. Got a link to the website instead. Sad. I never used to read novellas and then I fell in love with the ones Tor.com publishes. I wish they published them in omnibus collections though. Off to read yer link!
    x The Captain

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