Weekly Yaasss: July 15-21

A round-up of everything Reviews & Robots, and beyond! Get up to date on last week’s articles, find a few yaasss-worthy things in sci-fi for the week, and check out the upcoming books I’m adding to my reading list.

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Yaasss Things

  • First off, settle an argument for me. Is a movie like The Incredibles considered science fiction? I keep going back and forth between superhero films being sci-fi, versus just being action adventure. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!
  • ANOTHER MURDERBOT BOOK – and this time, it’s a novel! If you haven’t read these yet:
    1. Drop what you’re doing and buy the first two now.
    2. Read them voraciously and be obsessed.
    3. Pre-order the next two and wait impatiently.
  • Extremely relevant article from Kameron Hurley on humanity and maybe finding a bit of hope in fiction – read it here.
  • I was a bit over zealous last week – it’s becoming clear I won’t be able to read all of the Hugo novels, novellas, novelettes and short stories. I’m going to try my hardest but no promises (I say to myself).
  • Saw Ant-Man and the Wasp on Friday – it was fun, with some crazy science (maybe pseudo-science?) and a couple of interesting developments to the cinematic universe. Overall, it felt similar to the recent Han Solo movie: fun, with a lot going on, but maybe not completely necessary.
  • Also saw Sorry to Bother You and wow, that’s a crazy film. I was surprised at the science fiction aspects of it – I didn’t know what to expect tbh. Definitely check it out – there are so many relevant conversations and points going on about the current state of the world and the absurdity of our country.
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