2018 Hugo’s: Professional Artist

Part of the 2018 Hugo Awards Series

Categories: Professional Artist

Compelling artworks give stories a boost, helping the words lift off the page to aid the imaginations of voracious readers. Many different art styles are represented here, from the perfectly detailed to the cartoonish, computer generated to hand-drawn, western and eastern. It’s a category I suggest you take some time to really look into. You might skip over the artwork when opening a literary journal, or take a quick glance without really appreciating the sheer amount of time and effort that went into each masterpiece.


My pick: Sana Takeda

Her Dark Crystal artwork is breathtaking in every way. Every inch of her drawings are intricately detailed, with care and precision at the center of her artistic method. She has a beautiful style that spoke to me and made me go in search of more of her wonderful works. Check out more of her works here.

Other nominees:

  • Victo Ngai – Eastern artworks that play with curves and little absurdities
  • Galen Dara – grungy and dark, a modern take on 50’s and 60’s cover art
  • Kathleen Jennings – hand-drawn style, very quirky and beautifully colored
  • John Picacio – heavy fantasy art with a focus on closeup and detailed characters
  • Bastion Lecouffe Deharme – dark fantasy photorealism

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Author: Jacob Olson

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