All The Glitter: Watching ‘Legend’ for the First Time

I feel like a rite of passage has finally occurred – I’ve seen ‘Legend,’ the 1985 film starring Tom Cruise and two shiny unicorns (and of course Tim Curry in a terrifying performance). As a first time viewer, here’s what I was obsessed with:

  1. First off, I’ve never seen so much glitter in my life, and I once played Oberon in Midsummer Night’s Dream. This made my glitter hairspray and makeup look like a little sneeze. There was glitter on their faces, the ground, the trees, the random suit of armor hidden in a dead tree. If there’s ever a worldwide shortage of glitter, I’m pointing to this as the beginning of the end. It was amazing.
  2. Let’s talk about bulked up, crazy-horned Tim Curry. He was buried in that character – quite literally, as it was obviously all prosthetic and pounds of makeup. He was terrifying, and I can only imagine how many kids burst into tears when seeing this movie, perhaps expecting to find a fun family time with unicorns. Combine his demeanor and voice work with the grotesque minions, and it’s delightfully frightful.
  3. Those unicorns were lit. There wasn’t really anything special about them, they just ran around a bunch, but damn did that cinematographer make them seem like the most majestic things to every exist. Kudos to the makeup artist for not making it look like a plastic horn was taped to the head of a white horse. Very well done.
  4. When I think about the supporting cast, it’s like the Dark Crystal but it actually makes sense. The Legend characters were so intricately detailed, every little wrinkle and hair and wart placed with precision. That makeup artist is a masterrrrr. With all the r’s.

As you can see, I very much enjoyed Legend. Be jealous that I got to see it at the Alamo as a part of their Tom Cruise month! To everyone who never told me about this movie but knew it was a hidden gem, I ask you: why did you keep this from me?

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Author: Jacob Olson

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  1. Legend is one of my favorite movies! Did they show the American version, with the electronic score by Tangerine Dream, or was it the European version, with smoother editing and an instrumental score?

      1. Yup! I’ve seen three of them (the third by chance ). I prefer the European version. The Tangerine Dream score is fine, but I like the instrumental score better, plus the editor didn’t do such quick cuts, so the flow is a lot smoother.

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