The Brilliance of ‘TAU’

I was expecting a mildly interesting sci-fi thriller, based on the trailer. This movie was so much more, and unexpectedly so. It’s the first twenty minutes of a horror film, followed by a deep conversation about what it means to be alive and the relationship between woman/man and machine. At the beginning, the technology this evil guy is trying to develop is front and center and, by the end, it’s completely forgotten in favor of a much more meaningful plot. The film truly connects you to TAU, an AI, showing you its personality, allowing you to see inside the inner workings of its mind. There are multiple goosebump moments where you start to see TAU as a person, to connect with its plight. Most importantly, the main character is, by every definition of the word, a badass throughout the entire film. She’s strong and refuses to give up fighting, no matter the obstacles.

TAU (2018), Netflix, starring Maika Monroe and Ed Skrein
Concepts: Thriller, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Scientific Ethics, Neuroscience, Horror

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Author: Jacob Olson

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