134 Thoughts While Watching ‘TAU’

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  1. Cool grungy world, love the colored wig.
  2. She’s stealing from people and selling to a fence. It’s like Oliver Twist for adults.
  3. Queue the neon lights coming in the window to signal we’re in the future.
  4. Wut – the lock just turned…
  5. No! She’s kidnapped. Sucks for her.
  6. That’s a fancy little future chair. What’s happening…
  7. That was quick. She’s already in prison.
  8. She’s not alone. What the hell is this place.
  9. Noooooo, there’s a device buried in her neck.
  10. Um, hello creeper with the taser. Seriously, WTF is this place. Is this movie like future Saw? Seems to be heading in that direction.
  11. More future tools and a surgeon who listens to classical music. Pretty typical for a mad scientist tbh.
  12. Dude, the chip is becoming part of her brain. Looks hella painful.
  13. Nobody has spoken in 6 minutes…
  14. Oh shit, she stole some scissors! Get it!
  15. She’s free and making a prison escape rope. Such a badass.
  16. She hit the gas line on the third try. A little too convenient…
  17. And we have the first major explosion.
  18. I’m loving the sound editing and the use of ear ringing.
  19. Why did you just get in that elevator. You really think that’s an escape route?!
  20. More flashing lights. The future really needs electricians and some new lightbulbs.
  21. Crazy cool Asian-meets-Modern design of the creepy dude’s house. Seriously, what is this place?
  22. ALARM. They’re screwed.
  23. A ROBOT!!!!!!!
  24. Oh wait, it just killed a guy.
  25. The window is not a window. Run!!!!!
  26. That’s an old school sensor array for such a modern robot.
  27. The dude is home AND the robot has a fancypants butler voice.
  28. He’s PISSED. A scientist who just lost all of his data is not a happy camper.
  29. Watch out girl!
  30. Wait, the robot has a zen mode? Playing Chopin, amazing.
  31. Tiny robots that clean and move stuff around! They look like Golden Snitch’s…
  32. This is all sorts of messed up, but I have to say this house is hella cool.
  33. The robot’s name is TAU. Seriously, who is this scientist dude?
  34. She’s been trapped in the entryway for hours. How has she not peed everywhere?
  35. The little bots are really kind of cute! They’re like synchronized swimmers.
  36. Wow, this creepy guy is like a big deal scientist. Magazine covers and awards. Doesn’t make up for him being a murderous kidnapper.
  37. I feel like TAU isn’t just this murderous robot – he seems to be more digital.
  38. Wait, did he really just untie her?
  39. Threatening to cut out her tongue? Seriously dude, you need some people skills.
  40. Just going straight into a meeting in the next room like he doesn’t have a prisoner behind the door.
  41. Aha, they’re trying to sell an artificial intelligence to consumers and he’s as unethical as they come.
  42. Rich guy food.
  43. Yesssss girl, slurp that drink and ruin his dinner.
  44. Wow, his entire life is just silence and classical music and perfect food.
  45. She’s tied up again. But wait, there are movers who could help!
  46. So close, soooooo close.
  47. Yes, she got the gag off!
  48. Shit, it’s soundproof glass. Seriously, this house sucks.
  49. Typical scientist. Sees her banging her head on the wall and only cares about the implant.
  50. He’s trying to guilt her into helping him because she escaped?! Hells no.
  51. It’s a chip that records a person’s thoughts? Not sure how that works yet.
  52. Take a test, get some food.
  53. Yes – call out that crappy food and make a bunch of demands. She’s my hero.
  54. Got a shower. #winner
  55. Fascinating. It’s a whole map of her brain.
  56. The robot’s being nice, it’s pretty unsettling knowing how easily it can kill her.
  57. Looks like she’s left alone with robo-babysitter.
  58. Solving puzzles in silence sounds like a pretty crap day.
  59. He had a lady pick out fancy clothes for her? He’s clearly lost it.
  60. Crap, this guy has a very temperamental switch.
  61. Alright, he’s officially a psychopath.
  62. Wow, this just went a totally new direction. Discussing the definition of being human with the AI.
  63. I really hate this guy.
  64. Sounds like they’re close to messing with her brain. No idea what to expect with this.
  65. That’s the most snooty description of an AI I’ve ever seen. He’s the worst.
  66. I see the chink in the armor! Any time you try to control an AI or robot, it always backfires. They’re coming for you creeper.
  67. She’s getting to TAU!
  68. I never thought about needing to teach a brilliant AI about basics like what a house is or what a person is. This is going to be epic.
  69. I love it! He’s totally a 4-year old child asking thousands of questions.
  70. Ohhhhh he just called her by name.
  71. Nooooo. Another kidnap victim. Wait, it was a creepy dream. Nope, nope, nope.
  72. The ominous banned second floor.
  73. I’m loving the AI tbh. He wants all the books and all the answers.
  74. “The Access Point.” How ominous.
  75. Well that’ll come in handy soon. Hello denouement.
  76. Escape! Escape! Escape!
  77. The robot is coming!
  78. This robot can do anything. Seriously, that seemed so promising.
  79. The AI is starting to show emotions.
  80. She is brilliant at pulling its strings. Dangling encyclopedias for answers.
  81. Seriously, what is the deal with this weird food?
  82. Uh, oh. He’s getting desperate.
  83. Omfg, “I love this game.” This robot is the best.
  84. Nooooooooooooooooooooo.
  85. She’s gonna die.
  86. Wowwww, he can torture the robot? This guy is the worst.
  87. She and the AI are both prisoners. How did I not see that until now?
  88. Brilliant. Get him to cut your meat, then steal a weapon. Yesss.
  89. Stop torturing the AI!!!! Monster!
  90. Back to the existential dilemma of an AI versus his creator.
  91. Fascinating. A beautiful depiction of the inside of a machine’s mind.
  92. An audible gasp from me – he has a code body!
  93. Ew, creepy moment.
  94. She did it! She’s going after him!
  95. Help her TAU! HELP HER!
  96. It’s on her side! The robot’s here!
  97. It’s gonna happen. Get him, TAU!
  98. No TAU, nooooooo. Don’t attack her.
  99. Well that was disappointing.
  100. She’s tied up again. This sucks.
  101. Time for an important lesson for TAU. You can’t attack her and get at those encyclopedias at the same time.
  102. He understands. He’s as bad as the guy he’s afraid of.
  103. Wow, he realizes he’s a monster. This movie is surprisingly deep.
  104. They’ve got a shared history of trauma.
  105. She is such a badass character.
  106. “We grow up and we become our own creators.” Brilliant.
  107. I have goosebumps! Their relationship is just so surprising to me.
  108. He’s going to help her. I’m getting emotional.
  109. The suspense is back. She’s so close!
  110. That was a massive NO.
  111. TAU is rebelling!
  112. She came back to save TAU!
  113. Noooooooooooooo. TAU’s forgotten her. Right back to the operating table. Blurgh.
  114. The little bot! Here it comes to save the day.
  115. I hate this guy so much.
  117. Free yourself! Do itttttt!
  118. Yes, she’s such a badass. KO KO KO!
  119. She took his hand. I repeat, she took his hand. This is not a drill.
  120. It’s too quiet. Toooo quiet.
  121. Nooooo, the robot is coming! TAUUUUU whyyyy.
  122. So close to resetting – so cloooooooose. Oh wait, that’s the demolition switch. Whaaaaat.
  123. Now it’s time to runnnnnnnnn!
  124. He’s back, the creeper is back. Noooo.
  125. Ahhh, the house is blowing up!
  126. Really dude? Did you just ask her to save you? Get out of here with your nonsense.
  127. This is a very dramatic demolition. I’m fascinated by musical choices in the score.
  128. The last moments with TaAU. Heartbreaking.
  130. SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!
  131. But wait, TAU died?!
  132. Ahh! She has the tiny bot!
  133. And TAU’s alive! He’s finally outside. I feel strangely emotional about this.
  134. What a surprising movie.

Featured Image: Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash
Robot:¬†Photo by Rock’n Roll Monkey on Unsplash

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