The World of “Anon”

Anon is a brilliant look at a future where the entire world lives within our eyes. It’s an hour and a half examining a specific technology, one that’s fascinating and filled with implications on privacy and crime, when everything you see is recorded and able to be accessed by law enforcement.


Netflix, 2018
Starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried

We see a blank city life where everything a person experiences comes from an implanted digital screen. Digital advertisements appear on every storefront, logos revolving around every corner. A person’s name and occupation pop up automatically, giving you a chance to judge them without even speaking. There are no keys, just digital key codes transferred to doors by the eye implant. All work is done in this digital space, reducing detectives to video footage reviewers and nothing else. The government is constantly watching, and it’s impossible to alter the footage – or so they think. The buildings look the same but the digital world has taken over everything.

Concepts: Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Crime, Law Enforcement, Ethics, Hacking

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Author: Jacob Olson

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