Weekly Yaasss: June 17-23

A round-up of everything Reviews & Robots, and beyond! Get up to date on last week’s articles, find a few yaasss-worthy things in sci-fi for the week, and check out the upcoming books I’m adding to my reading list.

June 17-23, 2018

Yaas-worthy things:

  1. Jurassic World Sequel: I’m seeing a double feature on Thursday, should be epic. Let’s hope the sequel lives up to the first one. Though being a 90’s kid who loved dinosaurs, it shouldn’t be hard to impress me.
  2. MURDERBOT: I finally read the next helping in the Murderbot Diaries series and it’s amazing. Review to come on Tuesday!
  3. New Books: Picked up some new books for the month and I’m super excited to read and review them:
    • Vanguard, by Jack Campbell
    • Ascendant, by Jack Campbell
    • Free Chocolate, by Amber Royer
    • 84K, by Claire North
    • Side Life, by Steve Toutonghi
    • Adrift, by Rob Boffard
    • Killing Gravity, by Corey J. White
  4. Prey: After watching the Bethesda E3, I feel like it’s time to start playing Prey, the sci-fi horror game they came out with last year. It’s sitting on my Xbox One waiting for me, might be time to get started.

Photo by Justyn Warner on Unsplash

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